Tuesday, February 17

Saturday Morning cartoons

i've been home for MiniMe's bday. my family's never been that big on birthday parties (honestly, it seems like you only really get them when you get older like it's-a-miracle-you've-made-it-to-60 kind of gatherings). instead, my family gets together for a dinner and the birthday person gets to pick the place. then we all go home and have cake. yea, it's simple, but it's family and somehow...it's heartwarming (yes, that's cheesy).

whenever i'm home, there's endless airings of my favorite cartoon, Avatar. which is ironic, since it's never airing on Nickelodeon when i'm at school. it's always just goddamn Spongebob Squarepants, over and over again. hmm, does that sound like i'm harboring some animosity against the yellow square sponge? anyways, i was flipping around the cartoon channels and i notice a new show, Ni Hao, Kai Lan. this show is hilarious. it's like Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, Diego Go! but for chinese kids. the main character's named Kai Lan and they use english in the show with smatterings of chinese phrases. o, and Kai Lan has a sidekick named HoHo! it's a little white monkey but still, best sidekick name ever!

cartoons have been coming up a lot lately. Jackass had a pizza party at his place (paid for by BLS-yes, i'm so glad the school is allocating my funds so well; i'm being sarcastic b/c basically 3 ppl from Jackass's building showed up aside from Cubed, DRC, and me, who don't live in the building so BLS basically paid for Jackass to stock his fridge with beers and boxes of pizza). while we were there, i noticed a Recess marathon on the Disney Channel. does anyone else remember this show? it was bunch of kids and the hijinx they get into during recess? as it turned out, most ppl at the party did remember it, and loved it as much as i did/do! and it's such a better reference than some of the more popular ones. i mean, everyone's seen Saved by the Bell, but it's truly and exciting connection when someone shares your love of Doug, PepperAnn, or Recess because they're more obscure.

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