Monday, February 23

Bringing it Back to School

compared to the olden days (my 1st year), student orgs at BLS haven't been as active in organizing bar events and outtings. it seems to be reflecting the student body, the make-up of which has changed drastically since my 1st year. more and more, BLS students are less interested in socializing as a student body and more and more about study groups, job fairs, and workshops/seminars. while this is all fine and dandy, when did BLS students become so boring? i remember, as a 1st year, there was always something to go to at Floyd's, Magnetic Field, Last Exit, Brazen Head, or Trout, just to tick off a few. yes, the neighborhood's changed (no more Trout or Magnetic Field), but more importantly, it's the characteristics of the students that's changed even more. step it up people. i'm not saying don't study or do work, just learn to balance! it's not that hard.

the only 2 events i really remember being held as bar events in Brooklyn was a Back to School held at Deity and a Bar Review night held at Ceol (which seems to have become the new Floyd's for BLS).

i've only been to Deity this 1 time, and i truly think once is enough. the venue seems completely displaced in it's attempt as a wannabe Manhattan bar. and the prices are similar too. there's a dance floor downstairs and a sort-of lounge upstairs. it wasn't bad, but i wouldn't actually call it good either. if i hadn't been there with people i liked, or if i hadn't run into someone who kept buying me drinks, i would not have stayed there as long as i did. i still eventually left and headed to Brazen Head, but i don't really remember what happened and i didn't stay long because i was in such a state.recently, BLSPI hosted its own event at Ceol, which took place after a wine and cheese event hosted by SBA. i have to admit, while the outdoor bar events have dwindled in number since my 1st year, the free food and drinks events have remained on par. and this 1 was no exception. i hadn't eaten much that day (never good when faced with unlimited wine) and only managed to nab 5 cubes of cheese before it was all depleted. so it's no surprise that i have no recollection as to why it took so long from when the SBA event ended and when i got to Ceol. apparently there was a 2 hr lapse. what was i doing? no idea.

i do remember running into Tongsen on the way to the bar and she bought me fries from Carroll Gardens Diner, which was much needed. then we headed over to Ceol together.

the climax of the night was when we all headed over to Brazen Head together. it was a freezing night and BGA started to run so i started to jog with him. in high heel boots. while very drunk.

not a very good idea.

i kept wanting to stop but BGA kept egging me on. the ends did not justify the means in this case. as soon as i got to Brazen i promptly threw up. suffice it to say, it was another night where i didn't stay long at Brazen before i just went home and passed out.

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