Thursday, January 1

Detroit in the House

DRC has turned 1 year older. congrats to DRC! the celebration was 3-fold: dinner at Joya, pre-game at DRC's apartment, the final party at M1-5.

the dinner at Joya got botched b/c Joya messed up the reservation so instead we ended up eating at Cafe Chili, which i've never been to before but
had heard good things about. the price is slightly higher than Joya but, for me, the quality was comparable, altho the number of options weren't as plenty as Joya's. there's also a whole Italian side of the menu that you can order from, but the prices for those entrees were exorbitant.the real celebration was when the drinking started (of course).

by the time we arrived at M1-5, DRC was pretty rocked (as should be expected of the birthday girl). DRC reserved tables and got comped a bottle of champagne and some drink tickets which helped to make my night better and i definitely drank a sufficient amount to the point i kept leaving floaters of Jack and Coke all over the place.

as fun as it was, i'd broken my heel right before we entered the bar (i never even knew that really happened!) and when the party started to move to Williamsburg i decided to forego. it wasn't so bad to go home earlier tho b/c at least i got to share a cab w/Crush <3>

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