Sunday, January 11

late anniversary dinner

how cool is that? i really, really like this group. apparently Prepix was the inspiration for the Jabbawockeez (but that's unconfirmed, so don't quote me). this is also the choreography they created for my currently favorite korean song altho their dance and execution is a lot better than 2PM's.

Restaurant Week is rolling around the corner again: January 18th-23rd and 26th-31st. yeah! it's one of the few times this year i'm allowing my fat ass to eat that much (and spend that much). Coleslaw and i already have reservations for Park Avenue Winter.

as a blast from the past, i recommend going to Brandy Library if you're into whiskeys, cognacs, and brandy (i don't know what the differences are but they're all nice). this place is super classy and quiet, perfect for a date. and if you're the girl, you'll def impress the guy by knowing about this place. there's an overwhelming amount of drinks on the menu, and it's perfect for the guy who likes whiskeys etc. because you can get a tasting of everything. i kind of want to go back there right now...

after the Brandy Library, i went to the Harrison for dinner. in case you didn't know, the Harrison is the restaurant that the 1st winner of Top Chef came from (Harold, who has subsequently opened Perilla after winning Top Chef). it's been over 2 yrs since i was there and it looks like the menu has changed, but i remember the dining experience as extremely pleasant. since it was a date, the atmosphere was good for a date, nice and intimate, but in other sections of the restaurant there were definitely ppl having dinner parties. and when i went downstairs to the bathroom, there was a beautiful private room where, if you can afford it, it'd be great to have a dinner party of 10 ppl or so.

now that i'm reminiscing about this date, i'm getting a little sad. that was prob my last real nice date...

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