Monday, January 5

My Pheromones are On the Fritz

last night, while making kimbap with Egg, somehow the conversation came up where he mentioned that Japan had created a national law against obesity. and it's true! who would've guessed? it looks like the way it works is that company and govs have to do an annual checkup of their employees and included in that is a mandatory measuring of waistlines. if the waistline is over the national standard, the company has 3 months to "re-educate" the individual and see if they lose weight. if they don't, the company or gov gets fined. here's the newspaper article.

i wonder if a law like this would be effective against me, even if i was the person who had to pay the fines. there'd definitely be some inner turmoil about whether it'd be worth it to pay the fine just so i could eat my favorite foods. money vs food; hmm, that's a toughie. speaking of eating, i went out for a last hurrah dinner w/Debs, who's moving to Cali tomorrow ::sniffle, sniffle:: we ended up eating at Yakitori Taisho since we are both pretty strapped for cash. love that place for hot food and it's pretty good when you're just 2 ppl b/c it still feels intimate.

now there's something i have to say about Debs. i'm sure i've mentioned it before, but Debs has this unexplainable effect on boys. i mean, of course, she's cute, she's very intelligent, classy, and dresses elegant and far from trashy, so yes, she's got all that going for her. but that's not the Debs effect. without fail, whenever i go out with her, and to tranquil things like quiet dinners or coffee, someone always hits on her. this is a tried and true theory i've come to realize.

as we were leaving dinner, the guys at the table sitting behind her totally made a mild, giggly pass at her. and then, after dinner, we went to St. Alps for tea and some dessert toast, and the guys at the table next to us stopped to ask her what she was eating and have a whole convo. now, this wouldn't be considered much, except the guys had already finished and had no intention of ordering anything else. so see? we went to only 2 places, and neither were typical pick-up spots, yet Debs managed to have male attention at both places. and this is the norm.

Debs must have the most powerful pheromones on the plane. and mine must be broken.

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