Friday, December 12

Random Thoughts While "Studying"

i wish baggie pants were back in style. in middle school, i used to wear these baggy jeans that hung low, but not SO low, on my waist and always with a baby tee. yea, i was suburb gangster. although the look was totally ridiculous, while bringing a water and coffee from my apartment down to Geraldo's today, i was wishing the look was back in style. b/c then i could put my water in my back pocket instead of having to hold it in my hand. just this week i had the same dilemma with a can of soda.

sometimes my life in my apartment seems to center around cooking and emptying the dishwasher. i'm like a PTA mom.

the ppl next to me seem to be bonding. i can't tell, i have my iPod on. the boy had set up his study station and then slowly realized he was sitting right under a vent (he's still looking up at it even right now). the girl looked up and i guess made some comment, they conversed, and he pushed his table closer to her. then he asked her for a pen. and now, with the vent still blowing on him, he keeps looking forlornly at the girl and the empty spot next to her. and they're COMPLETELY distracting me. i don't make friends during exams. i hate everyone during exams. except for ppl i'm already friends with. when ppl i don't know fuss around in public spaces while i'm studying, i want to punch them in the face.

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************************ said...

agreed face punches are often in order.