Tuesday, June 24

our own Hills cast

so at some point, on a night when DRC and i were recovering at Coleslaw's place, we stumbled upon the MTV Real World/Road Rules Award Show. totally hilarious. it was really all about showing the most memorable moments and then picking a favorite one. o, that and having all the old cast members get completely wasted. sigh, how i sometimes wish i had been able to be on Real World, although not any of the new casts b/c it's only about hooking up and getting wasted, but the old ones. they were the best. it wasn't like jerry-springer-reality-tv every episode. i think i'd wanna be on old Real World or else Inferno b/c that's the most exciting (someone always fights and gets kicked off & someone always goes to the hospital)-but let's be real, i wouldn't last 1 challenge on Inferno.

somehow in the midst of all this, we started talking about the Hills and we decided we could each be a character. writing this right now reminded me of when every woman and her clique of friends did the same thing w/Sex and the City. how times have changed. i can't remember who was who: i think i was Whitney or LC and Coleslaw was Lo but i remember DRC was not happy w/who we labeled her as. which probably means we said she was Audrina (for sticking w/a guy who's a total dick) or Heidi. i don't think it was Heidi (b/c she's my least favorite character) so let's go w/Audrina.

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Anonymous said...

I would be LC because the show would revolve around me...c'mon--i bring the drama :)