Tuesday, June 3

beautiful days

it's the start of the summer weather, which (before this ginormous heatwave) was so pleasant and a welcomed change from the cold weather. in celebration of such, Egg and i went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park for a picnic w/some friends.

before i did that i had to stop and pick up my glasses from an apartment close to k-town (i'd left them there the previous weekend when me and the girls had gone over to hang out). i'd been suffering through the week because i couldn't see distances. while there, i stopped into Han Ah Reum, my favorite korean grocery store to pick up...the giantest combination of sashimi ever. it was so delicious. i didn't eat it until later that night for dinner.

Coleslaw and them had been at the park for at least 2 hrs before Egg and i got there but there was still plenty of hummus and crackers, cherries, pretzels and potato salad for us to snack on. Egg and i had stopped at the market in DUMBO and picked up a 6-pack of Kronenberg and some sliced pineapple (amongst my favorite fruits). the park was pretty crowded w/ppl playing frisbee and tossing the football but it was perfect weather and as always the view is beautiful.

afterwards we walked through DUMBO looking for a milkshake but Bubby's was closed and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory had a line that was insanely long-and i mean insane. longer even than the lines i've seen for Pinkberry in the summer. we eventually sidled up to Montague Street and stopped into Haagen-Daz instead. i made the mistake of getting their soft-serve which was more the density of very frozen yogurt. not yummy.
it was a perfect comfortable summer lazy day that ended w/drinks at Brazen while DRC and Cubed watched the Pistons vs. Celtics game.

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