Thursday, April 10


Stitch is amongst the valorous and brave few of my Manhattan friends that ventured into Brooklyn Heights last week. i'm so proud of her.

i haven't seen Stitch in months so it was a really good experience to see her again. so much has happened since when i last saw her (which was when we both saw Lance Bass at One if i remember correctly). we went to dinner at Lunetta which is a restaurant that seems to have been getting a lot of buzz lately but has been open ever since i moved to Brooklyn. we decided to go all out for the meal even tho both of us are in tight monetary situations right now. i truly do believe in this kind of going-out-to-eat philosophy: since you're already out, might as well take advantage and eat food that you would never be able to make yourself and is delicious.

we split a bottle of red wine (around $45 for the bottle-can't remember the name but it was light like a pinot noir but w/a slight robust flavor), and Lunetta's definitely got a very Italian-centric choice of wines that ranges from very affordable $26 a bottle to reserve bottles that go into the $100+ per bottle. since Lunetta's technically small plates, Stitch and i ordered 3 mains and split those and the waiter was very accomodating and made sure to serve each plate in courses vs. plopping them all down on the table at the same time. we started w/the gnocchi which was served in an amazing ricotta and tomato sauce. that was followed by the orrechiette w/rapini and sweet sausage which was also delish, especially since it was topped w/a liberal helping of parmesan cheese on top. lastly we had the berkshire pork belly which was salty but in a good way and was the perfect end to the meal. i definitely want to eat at Lunetta again and try their various kinds of bruschetta and maybe leave room for dessert too. as such, Stitch and i were stuffed by the end of our meal and skipped out on dessert.

the end of our meal was perfectly timed so that we could go meet the future SBA at Trout which is about 5 mins from Lunetta. the SBA-ers were getting food tho so Stitch and i sat at the bar and ordered drinks. i ordered a Jack and Coke, and like the pretend hard-ass i am, after sipping my drink for a bit, i asked the bartender to add some more Jack b/c it tasted kind of light. he arched his eyebrow at me and said,

"oh really? are you sure it's not just light for you but regular for everyone else?"

i sheepishly said yes, and he added some more Jack to it. then DRC came bouncing over and asked for a margarita, with extra tequila. he looks at me and then her and asks, "are you sure? because ppl always ask for that but then complain that their margarita tastes only like tequila and nothing else."

DRC re-assures him that she is not one of the ppl and he makes her a strong margarita. as a joke, she calls him back and goes, "excuse me, but this margarita tastes like tequila!" we all get a good laugh and she bounces away. only i turn back to the bar and the bartender has now poured 4 shots of tequila for us! i look around for a savior and recruit Egg to come to my aid and try to politely decline the shot but since it was from the bartender's good will i couldn't kindly refuse.

and we all know tequila's my kryptonite. so after that we all headed over to Brazen but at that point i was barely able to stand up on my own and i had a drink or two before i quickly ducked out and into the safety of my bedroom.

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