Saturday, April 26

Maternal Instinct

i had Trial Advocacy final exams the saturday after my birthday (which blows) which also made it so that i couldn't really do anything over the weekend to do a big birthday blow-out. this still ends up working out well tho b/c considering exams are May 1st it's much better to reserve the current time for studying and have a birthday party after exams. and that's what the plan is.

let me preface this by saying i love my friends. since i couldn't have a party my good friends decided to have a nice dinner instead. o wait, i'm getting ahead of myself. so the friday before my Trial Advocacy i was pretty much focusing on preparing for my final-which was a mock trial and i had to be on the defense side of a rape case-but i got a call from Coleslaw who had just gone to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall which i couldn't go to b/c i had to meet my defense partner. however, i didn't have to miss out b/c Coleslaw called to invite me to go watch the movie w/her. no, you didn't misread that. Coleslaw was willing to watch the movie two times. in a row. she thought the movie was that awesome. and i won't lie: it was pretty damn good.

"Snuffle-of-a-gus fucks my shit up"
ok, now we're up to speed. so for my quiet birthday celebration we went to dinner at Noodle Pudding which i've never been to. totally worth it. yummy yummy italian food and such a lively atmosphere (sometimes to the point of noisy) but totally worth it. i had the yummiest linguini puttanesca and a bottle of pinot noir for only $26! we were debating on ordering dessert but then Egg revealed that he had a surprise dessert for me at home so we decided to forgo dessert and head back to Feil. however, Coleslaw and i did partake in a shot of limoncello. yummy. i haven't had that since i was in Bologna visiting Nells.
turns out Egg bought me the cutest and densest chocolate birthday cake. it was adorable. and then we started to watch crazy youtube videos. we watched little kids playing guitar hero, little kids dancing to thriller, and Unicorn Planet. and then somehow the convo turned to how there is a website for every fetish that a person could have (i don't remember how this conversation happened). and Coleslaw, as an example, used cast fetishes. and none of us believed her so we googled it. and it turns out, yes, there are many websites devoted to cast fetishes. just to clarify, a cast fetish is when a person gets turned on by watching girls who have casts scratch them-the cast that is,not the person watching. weird.

in case you didn't realize this, i'm kind of a frail little girl. whenever the weather changes drastically i inevitably get sick b/c i never wear the right clothes. so on birthday dinner night i wore the cutest dress with a cardigan but it ended up being a little balmier and windier than i thought. and so i got sick. blech. and that turned into strep throat so double blech. however, what really freaked me out was when my mom called me on monday night. i'd decided not to tell her i was sick or else i would get a scolding about how i always let this happen etc. so when she called, in my most normal voice, i answered, "hello?"

and her immediate response was, "so you're sick huh?"

it totally took me by surprise! i immediately responded with "how did you know?" and she replied b/c i always get sick when the weather changes like this so she just knew i was. but i still found it eerie and an example of how strong a maternal instinct can be.

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