Thursday, April 24

It Wasn't Planned, I Swear!

i've been deathly ill again except this time was a little bit different. i actually had strep throat. crazy. i finally broke down and went to the doctor's today and am happy to be on antibiotics. Coleslaw was right, as soon as i took them i instantly felt better. hooray for drugs!

before all this finals craze started, i got a call from DRC. who was very drunk. so essentially i got drunk-dialed. turns out she and Coleslaw had gone to trivia night at Geraldo's. i actually have a beef to pick w/SBA and this stupid trivia night thing. they always advertise it as "Kung Fu Trivia." now, let me ask you, what comes to mind when you see or hear that? you would naturally assume that all the trivia is related to kung fu right?? well that's what i thought anyways. turns out it's not. and there's no real rhyme or reason to why they call it that. someone just liked it. LAME. what happened to truth in advertising? ok, my bad, sidebar. back to the story.

so DRC's drunk-dialed me to call me down to Geraldo's to drink w/a bunch of them who stayed after trivia night. i turned her down and opted for Top Chef and some reading. but then i realized i was watching Top Chef on Crush's date night and opted to go down to Geraldo's after all, otherwise i would get all obsess-y. i got there and encountered extreme drunken revelry with a keg and all.

turns out the gang had been watching South Park earlier and had decided to play a drinking game where they would drink every time the word "internet" was mentioned. good thing the whole episode was about the internet. so yea, everyone was a little tipsy. then there were games of Up the River, Down the River and a very tedious game of Asshole and then there was a group decision to go to Brazen Head. so we all headed to Brazen Head and by that time it was after midnight and technically my birthday. so shots and more drinks and the rest of the night passed in a blur.

Coleslaw, DRC and i walked back to Feil and all stopped in to Coleslaw's to rehash the convos of the night (which are always sordid and hilarious). DRC were sitting on the sofa when all of a sudden i hear a very forlorn sigh come from Coleslaw's bed. DRC and i look over and we see Coleslaw snug as a bug in a rug in her bed making these really sad sounds. we dash over to check on her-actually i dash over, DRC went to the kitchen to make a cream cheese bagel-and Coleslaw just tells us we don't understand but that she's fine.

it was very weird but funny. what made it funnier was that the next day she had no idea what she had been so forlorn about.

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