Friday, June 1


so Chow's bday is 2 days before mine so Tina planned a weekend trip to AC for him as a surprise and she and Gohm worked together to get a house for the weekend and invited all his friends to come down. the thursday before Tina and Meegs got all the food for the weekend: they prepared burger meat, bulgogi, duk bok ki, omelette and pancake ingredients for breakfast, bacon, sausage, tater tots, all the yummy stuff and then Gohm and Han brought the food down on Friday day and then they golfed and then waited for all of us to get there. Ming brought ingredients and the equipment necessary for hotpot dinner and Min brought the alcohol. when Chow got there, it was a real surprise which is always a good thing and then the boys all got started drinking like mad men and we all dug into the hotpot.

the 2nd day was pretty nice during the morning and everyone went to play outdoors and on the beach. somehow, Han managed to injure himself pretty badly. i'm still not sure what exactly happened, but all i know is that it involved a football and some trash cans. Han was pretty much on the injured list for the rest of the weekend.

that night we played a bunch of drinking games and i learned a new one called mafia. we all also found out how good of a liar Gohm can be through this game. we all headed out to the Borgata and everyone got ready to either gamble/try to go clubbing. Chow of course headed straight to the poker tables while Gohm, Stitch and i hovered around the roulette tables and i got to gamble for the 1st time ever which was super fun and now i can see why it's so addicting.

we left on sunday and had to drive through a nor'easter. both Gohm and i had never heard of the term "nor'easter" before so when Stitch said it i thought she had made it up but we heard all the news and weather channels using the term so that's how i found out it was a real word.

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