Sunday, June 3

i suck at pool

since Gohm's taking a monster nap i thought i'd do some more catching up on past events. so, right near Gohm's UES apartment is eastside billiards, which we were frequenting more often until he and Chow moved. the last time i really played billiards was about a year ago, and it was even longer before that, so suffice it to say i'm not very good. either way we went w/Oppa, Tina and Chow and i was the worst player out of all of them, and by a lot. i think i made about 2 shots in the 3 games i played. ridiculous.

the only thing i could sort of comfort myself about was that Oppa is easily distracted while he's playing so if you mess w/him you can get him to miss some shots. otherwise, Chow and Tina are true sharks when it comes to playing, particularly Tina, so watch out.

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