Sunday, May 27

spring break in cancun

so back in march i got a little spring break time off from school and Gohm and i decided to go on vacation together somewhere. the original plan was to go to the bahamas but after checking potential weather reports, Gohm decided that Cancun would be the better option. so, off we went!
we flew w/jetblue and the only negative thing about the flight was the fact that we sat in the back of the airplane which meant we were surrounded by families and babies/little kids. my initial thought was, "what kind of parent brings their kids to cancun on spring break"? after being there tho, i've come to realize why.
Gohm and i stayed at the Marriot Casa Magna, which was a beautiful hotel w/a very villa-like atmosphere. our hotel room had an amazing view of the beach (some very strategic planning made by Gohm in order to obtain that view). it was a little too late to head towards the beach after checking in so instead we swam at the pool, had a few drinks and then went to dinner. the place we went to made their fresh guacamole right in front of us, which was very refreshing and they had some very strong margaritas and i learned that Gohm+tequila=drunky.

we spent the rest of our time in Cancun just laying on the beach and tanning and swimming. the place is just beautiful and the water is this perfect crystal blue. we had one gigantic meal at the Crab House for our last night. Gohm, a big caesar salad fan, ordered theirs and we saw fresh caesar salad made for the 1st time which was very impressive. we ordered entirely too much food but everything was delicious.
overall, this was a great vacation and the 1st time i'd gone travelling as a couple, so chalk that up to another 1st w/Gohm.

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