Sunday, May 20

a little entourage support?

so i guess i should be thankful that, when needed, the BLSers can be a good source of entourage support, particularly when going out w/Gohm's friends. a while ago, Stitch and Johnson had a birthday party at Earth. we got there early in order to avoid the cover and the place was pretty quiet and tame since it's a restaurant before it turns into a full-blown bar. i had the whole BLS crew there in toto. why you ask? well, Ahjima was rumored to making an appearance at the event since it was also functioning as a giant BU reunion. considering the crowd would be mostly hers, i figured i needed a little support. and i was right. Ahjima did show up, w/her own BU entourage that shot daggers at me all night long. eventually, Wifey was very wasted from mango martinis and Gohm and i escorted her back to brooklyn, and good thing we were there b/c our cabdriver ended up being a very sketchy indian man who wouldn't stop hitting on Wifey.

sigh, this happened a while ago and it was one of the last few times we all went out together and did it up right, aside from my bday party. hopefully w/the summer coming up that'll change.

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