Tuesday, May 22

easter hotpot

sigh...sometimes things are just so tough and i don't know why. whenever i get into a relationship, i surprise even myself in how i behave and how things affect me. i don't know why that has to happen.

anyways, so for easter, since Gohm couldn't go home, i decided to have some type of group gathering so he could celebrate it even tho he couldn't be w/his family. luckily, Bubby's a Jew so she didn't have any plans, and Kik's fam was in Maine so I invited them over for a hotpot dinner along w/Egg and Chen. the weather ended up being perfect for hotpot b/c it was right after the nor'easter (a term i never knew btw...i was told it by Stitch and i thought it was some BU term, but then we watched the news and everybody was calling it a nor'easter, so i guess it's a real word) and everything was still damp and chilly. it was Kik's 1st hotpot but she enjoyed it and so did everyone else. afterwards we had some delicious cake from Astoria which Bubby and Kiks brought from a local bakery. the cake was so cute too, saying "happy easter" on it. overall it was a great Easter hotpot and maybe the creation of a future tradition?

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