Thursday, October 12

dry night at Camel

so for Gohm's real birthday we went to Camel in k-town (of course). 5 bottles flew pretty fast and i barely got a taste, but Gohm was pretty "happy" which is all that matters. have tons of pics but once again, no wire, so everyone has to wait.

Debs was there which was a good thing cause Gohm as host was nowhere to be found (there were door issues b/c the space was so small). this was prob one of the few asian events she'd gone to so she was hilarious (her eyes bugged out at the fruit plates they set out) and everyone kept reminding her of Dustin. at the end of the night everyone got ready to go to Gahmee Oak and everyone was standing outside, just in time to catch a fight (always w/o fail at a korean bar/club! love it...) and Debs' eyes got even wider. she, like me, just wanted to watch and find out what happened even tho it had nothing to do w/us. she was also pretty excited about getting food at k-town after drinking. it was a night of many firsts for her. so cute!

Gohm's friend Paul was visiting from Boston so we went out for lunner the next day at Wasabi Lobby (eh, ok japanese food. but i was on a feeding frenzy so i ate a lot last weekend). on sunday Chow, Tina, Gohm & i went to a concert at Roseland Ballroom. OMG, i haven't felt that old in a while.

the concert was for Hawthorne Heights (sort of headbang-y screamy music-not really my taste) although (and yes i'm such a teeny bopper) i liked Reliant K who played before them. i knew i was gonna feel old as soon as i walked in. there were lines of adults (moms & dads) waiting outside to take their kids home. i saw at least 2 underage girls overkilling on beer in plastic cups (i totally giggled when one of them was drunkenly dancing around w/her beer b/c i knew she was gonna fall and pour that beer all over herself. which she did). and tons of crowd surfing and condoms on the floor (there must've been some promoter giving them out cause they were all trojans).

after the concert we went back to Gohm's and celebrated w/cupcakes and candles from two little red hens (great bakery, little pricey): carrot cake (for the fobby asians), brooklyn blackout cake (Gohm claimed to be craving chocolate cupcakes), pumpkin for me and plain vanilla for Chow (if there'd been some korean type i would've gotten that for him instead).

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