Monday, October 23

sometimes hard work pays off...

so the past week was a giant nightmare of work what w/my criminal midterm and first graded legal memo due. however, for the work wary, the small rewards are sometimes the best.
i took my midterm on thursday, 2 questions w/in an hour and 50 minutes, closed book. i breathed a sigh of relief when it was over and then went home to start my work for this week. what made it all worth it was my 4-month anniversary dinner w/Gohm at L'Impero, which, considerate bf he is, he picked b/c i always crave carb-y italian food. my night was already made when he greeted me by saying "you look nice". woo-hoo! that almost never happens. we headed towards the restaurant, which is hidden away on Tudor City Place, a suburb tucked away in midtown east. we did the prix-fixed menu, totally worth it for $64 (4 courses, choice of anything on the menu). best thing i got was the appetizer, fricaseed mushrooms w/creamy polenta. OMG, i would eat this everyday if i could. and this is where my night got better. i actually ordered the better app than Gohm, which also never happens. whenever we go places to eat, i am almost always secretly envying what he ordered b/c it tastes better than mine. shhh. interesting was also the vermont capretto i got as an entree. capretto is goat by the way, in case you didn't know (which we didn't). they braise it and it was so good, maybe a little salty but very tender. i got the rabbit ragu w/parpadelle (they make all their own pasta) but if given another chance, i would love to try their linguini w/pumpkin and oxtail. p.s., the setting at L'Impero is nice, very romantic but also a great place to have a fun and hearty dinner w/friends. only thing you might notice is that the crowd tends to middle-aged and above, so not very young and trendy. overall it was great dinner and a lovely date.

spent friday and saturday working on the legal memo but went out for Bubby's belated bday party at Naked Lunch on saturday night. Kiks tricked me into going (tho i would've gone anway) by telling me there was a cover only when i got off the subway. tricky tricky. don't think the place is really worth a $7 cover (no drink comps) but there was always a line and it was packed like sardines in there. got to meet Kiks' Maine squeeze (heehee play on words) but didn't get to meet Bubby's before i left. i guess i drank enough b/c the next morning i was told by Tina i reeked of alcohol. oops my bad.

my reward for working on my legal memo? i had a great sunDAY w/Gohm. we went to brunch w/Chow & Tina (amazing challah french toast, which yes, Gohm ordered, not me). poor Chow was salivating at the eggs benedict but was dissuaded from ordering it by Tina. turns out eggs benedict was listed Forbes' top 10 best worst foods for you. poor Chow just kept staring at the orders at other people's tables. after brunch Gohm and i went to get his glasses fixed (who knew indestructible glasses could break?) and then he accompanied me while i went cellphone shopping and then we popped into Barnes & Noble to buy some books after which we went home and took a nap. such a nice sunday.

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