Thursday, April 6

Passport hysteria

I just had a major crisis moment with Ahjima.

So I was casually strolling along 43rd Street on my way back to the office. I decided to call Ahjima back because I'd missed her call while going to the doctor's. Turns out she got her purse stolen at the Knicks game last night at
Madison Square Garden. The purse had her entire identity in it, which included her passport and social security card (let's ignore the resounding "d'oh").

Usually this would be an "aww that sucks" situation except for the fact that Ahjima and I are leaving to travel Taipei and Hong Kong in exactly one week. So that passport's pretty important. So after freaking out I told her I would look into the situation once I was back in the office. I immediately stopped at Wendy's for a #6 (that's how stressed I was about this) then researched the situation.

Turns out there are various sites and options for those who need to get their passport in an emergency. Most states have an emergency passport agency specifically for those travelling within 2 weeks time. There are also more expensive sites that could do it for (maybe) a little less hassle like Passports and and American Passport Express. Either way, crisis averted and I've just learned something new.

Oh and if you see anyone impersonating a petite Korean girl who works at Lehman Brothers please notify me ASAP.

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Rey Rey said...

hi, i just saw the message you left on my blog. thanks very much for translating the message for me. btw, my brother-in-law lives in hoboken. small world.