Thursday, April 13

Hangover City, Population: Me

I wish I could take credit for the title of this post, but it's been a running joke that Douglife started a while ago after a night of binge drinking. I still find it hilarious...

Saw Debs yesterday which was fun. We went to Hale & Hearty for lunch, my favorite soup and sandwich spot. Had an amazing Sweet Corn Chowder (which burned my tongue. It's actually still a bit numb right now) and Turkey and Brie sandwich. She just started a new job in the city working for MediaCom. The job sounds fun and glamorous and very much like The Devil Wears Prada sans crazy bitch boss. MediaCom's even located right next to Smith & Wollensky which is where Miranda orders her bloody steak lunches in the book. We talked about her new job and discussed possibly moving in together in Brooklyn. It'd definitely be nice to live with someone I knew before I lived w/them.

Went to Oddfellows last night w/Pal and Douglife to celebrate my pre-birthday/vacation/new-found health. Oddfellows has great New Orleans food and do a good happy hour from 6-8 pm and on Wednesdays they do $4 Hurricanes all night long and karoake starting at 9 pm. Pal and Douglife live for the karaoke. We showed up around 9 or 10 pm after meeting up at Pal's apartment. I hate it when people take karaoke so seriously!! You know, with the eyes-closed-singing-Celine-Dion crap. Gimme a break... Of course Pal, Douglife and I all suck so we completely ruined the atmosphere (meaning we made it more fun). I was itching to play pool (although I am notoriously bad) and got Pal to play doubles w/me w/some guys we met. I was surprisingly good which just goes to prove that alcohol always improves your skill in any game.

Woke up this morning extremely hungover. Still have an insane day ahead of me since I've got to get to the airport w/Ahjima for the start of our vacation. I better hydrate myself quick or else that 17+ hour flight is gonna be a nightmare.

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