Sunday, April 9

now MY wallet is missing?

Went for my first big night out since contracting bronchitis about a month ago. Pal and I headed to happy hour in Hoboken. You always know it's gonna be a big night when you're taking shots at 6 pm. We started at the Shannon Lounge where there's happy hour from 4-7 pm (although the deal's pretty stingy if you ask me). The place has definitely shaped up a lot since the renovation. It used to be a real hole-in-the-wall but now it looks like a decent local and there seems to be a nice pool table in the rear. I met a guy (whose name I can't remember) who was introduced to me w/the tag line "he's got major yellow fever" (and he was a very white guy). Yea, great buddy. We talked about my upcoming trip to Taipei and Hong Kong and I received a huge shocker. The guy mentioned the Taiwan series Meteor Garden!! He said he really liked it and was currently watching part 2. I have to admit I was pretty excited about that.

Pal and her co-worker decided to head to Rothko for a monthly hip hop karaoke event her work attends. I stayed behind w/Pal's roommate, Mini and we continued the night. Eventually we left Shannon Lounge and headed towards Nine, which seems to be Mini's favorite place. I def don't mind Nine and I enjoy it but I always feel like it's for the Hobokenites who were too lazy to be bothered w/taking the PATH into the city to go to an NYC lounge. I remember having a really nice convo w/the bouncer on the 2nd floor, but after that the night comes to me in gaps.

I don't remember exactly how, but we arrived at 3Forty Grill next, another of Mini's faves. I don't recollect arriving or checking my coat or anything. What I do remember is talking to 3 random girls who looked like they were having a boring girls night out and falling on my ass. I was talking to Derek, glanced behind me and, I swear I saw a seat behind me, sat down. ON NOTHING. So yea, I fell flat on my ass. After that Mini wanted to go home w/the guy she'd been talking to all night so we headed back, although Westchester and I stopped for Blimpie's before going home.

I woke up this morning w/a gigantic hangover and putted around until 2 pm upon which I prepared to go to a doggy birthday party and realized my wallet was missing. Now I'm a pretty big slob in my room and I tend to throw things around so while I searched my room I called Ahjima to laugh at the irony of it, never thinking it was really lost. After about 45 minutes I really became panicked. Ultimately I called Bank of America and cancelled my ATM card and then called Mini to find out the last place we went to (that's how I found out we had actually been in 3forty Grill because I hadn't been sure if we'd gone there or Trinity. Both places have very similar interior designs). Luckily for me, it turns out that during my wrestle w/gravity last night it had fallen out of my purse. So I trudged over in the rain and ecstatically picked it up. Phew, crisis averted.

So I debated about taking a cab over to Jersey City for the doggy birthday party. Nobu i s officialy 1 year old in human years (7 in doggy years). He's Uncle T & Auntie V's psuedo-child, or practice until they feel like having the real thing. I bought him this amazing dog toy called Kong. Such an ingenious invention. Uncle T & Auntie V prepared some amazing food, which was great cause I was starving. Nobu was adorable and really excited about all the attention and people to play with. He's such a cute dog and really sociable.

Ok, so off to dim sum tomorrow w/Kiks and Bubby at Jing Fong in Chinatown tomorrow. I'm gonna be such a heffer by the time I get to Taipei....

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