Sunday, February 8

Bella Lush

everyone always talks about opening a restaurant, creating an iPhone app, designing their own clothing line, opening a shop to sell some item. the great thing about human nature is that you're usually looking for something else, always searching for something better and contemplating self-improvement and ambition.

of course, the other thing about human nature is that we tend to be all talk, and very little action. 

more often than not, the realities of stepping out on your own, or even with partners or friends, is too daunting to actually implement in real life. 

which is why i give FashionDiva great kudos for going through with her idea to start a lingerie line. Bella Lush is a site for "lush women", riding that recent train of thought about real women with real bodies instead of Victoria Secret models. i met FD because we attended the same law school. post-law school, she did what most of us did, which was to enter the legal profession. she could've been content to stay the course, which most of us do, but she had other ambitions and interests and thus Bella Lush was born.

i recently attended the launch party for Bella Lush at Tenpenny located at the Gotham Hotel. it's a cute venue, and definitely conveniently located near Grand Central Terminal. however, it IS a small space, so i would recommend it more for an intimate date (perhaps before slipping up to one of the hotel rooms above?).

this was my first time getting a full look at the Bella Lush line, which, i heard from others, was curated specifically by FD. 

i checked out the website and the sets are adorable, but seems to be for more "lush" women. i might pass as a "lush" woman on the bottom, but i doubt i could ever pass for "lush" at my top... regardless though, great applause for FD for stepping outside of the box and pursuing her interests and ambitions! and thanks for including me at the launch of this promising new adventure.

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