Thursday, January 22

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance?

a few months back, i had been casually dating AwkwardGuy. AG is a really nice guy, with a great job and a great future. basically all the attributes that my mother keeps trying to pound into my head as the  makings of a great husband. we'd been seeing each other for about 2 months, but when the holidays came up, our schedules got extremely busy and, after a few missed connections, AG dropped off the face of the earth. i didn't really pursue it because my interest was lukewarm.  

until about 3 weeks ago, when i got a text from AG out of the blue.  i thought about just ignoring it, but, in the spirit of attempting to be more practical about my dating choices, i decided to give AG a second chance.

here's the thing about AG: he is a super awkward conversationalist. in this day and age, being a self-touted "dork" isn't necessarily a bad thing. in NY, it's almost a badge of honor. unless of course, you really are a dork. and not in the ironic sense.  AG isn't a lovable, endearing dork who might like some trivia and video games.  AG actually wouldn't be classified as a dork for all intents and purposes.  in fact, AG is actually a frat boy, through and through. likes to get wasted with his buddies at the Red Lion and hails from Villanova, one of the epicenters of the quintessential frat brother.

but AG is awkward. maybe it was our first date, when he started talking about us planning a weekend getaway together.  or on our first and second date when he talked about introducing me to his family. or maybe it's his awkward laugh: the kind that starts as a guffaw and then dies down to a whisper because you're laughing at your own joke. 

gentlemen, a word of caution: some self-deprecation can be endearing. it 's a sign of humbleness, a lack of arrogance, and a great way to put your date at ease. however, too much of it, and it becomes a red flag. your partner will start wondering whether you're not just being ironic, but are just attempting to put all your negative points on immediate display so you can say that you came with a disclaimer and that your partner had already been warned of all your faults before they began a relationship.

so then why would i give AG a second chance?

simple: AG always picks amazing places to meet for dinner and drinks. and he pays.

yes, it's completely shallow and horrible but it's the truth. or at least my truth. 

and that's how i found myself at The Shakespeare meeting AG after work on Friday. 

i'd never been to the Shakespeare, although it's relatively close to my office.  but having spent a year studying abroad in the UK, i'd been planning on going at some point. the place was crowded at 6:30 p.m., and if you listened closely, approximately 50% of the people there were definitely from across the sea. so if you have a hankering for the lilting tones of a British accent, get yourself to the Shakespeare.

the place is cozy, hovering between a local bar and a British bar (it really is a fine line, anyway). we ended up at a table on the first floor, tucked into a corner. the food is very traditional pub fare, but classier.  AG ordered the Roasted Bone Marrow ($15) to start, which was salty decadence, in a good way. the accompanying lemon zest and sweet and sour shallots were a nice balance to the richness of the marrow. In an attempt to lighten up our meal, i ordered the Woodland Mushroom Salad ($8).  the mushrooms were nicely sauteed/roasted and the rocket lettuce and shaved parmesan were a hearty pairing to add some depth and lightness to the appetizer.

as mains, AG ordered the Fish and Chips ($23). i ordered the House Blend Burger ($19), which consisted of aged NY strip, skirt, short rib and chuck topped with cheddar/stilton, smoked bacon, Brooklyn brine pickles and served with a small side of triple cooked thick cut chips. overall the burger was very good, although a little salty. i personally wasn't a fan of the fries. they have the 2 things that i'm not particularly fond of : triple fried (which is why i'm also not a fan of burger king and checkers fries) and thick cut (i'm a shoe string girl all the way). 

if you're an expat looking for a taste of home, or an American looking to pull a Brit, this is probably the place for you. otherwise, i'm not sure i'll be headed back any time soon.

as for AG and myself, the inevitable topic of conversation was why he had stopped contacting me. it turns out, one of his sisters (he comes from a family of 9 by the way), had told him that i didn't seem interested in him and that he should stop wasting his time on me.

so it seems that women really do have a good intuition when it comes to other women. AG probably should've listened to her. 

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