Monday, August 12

Lunch Special

i don't often get to partake in amazing lunch specials because i work in the land of lunch-suck aka FiDi. 

but every once in a while, i'll take a secret staycation day off and during those days, i can go to Soba-Ya to partake of their lunch special.  lunch is only served from 12 pm-3:30 pm and there is always a wait.  on the day i went, Puppy and i were lucky to have gotten seated before they stopped seating people. which they do even if there is a giant crowd of diners waiting.

i'm never fortunate enough to get there in time to get the Lunch Box Set ($17) of which there are only 25 servings prepared each day. it's my elusive Holy Grail along with the cronut. so instead i ordered the Salmon Sashimi Don Lunch Set ($14.50) which is a small bowl of rice topped with salmon sashimi, a small cold soba with dipping sauce, a trio of oshinko, and a miso soup. 

i love their lunch sets. they bring out the tray laden with all my food and it makes me so happy. and it's pretty filling but without that afternoon food coma feeling. 

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Rafael said...

This is fantastic!