Thursday, August 22

Hypocritic Oath

nobody likes being lied to. However, although we know this, that doesn't mean we don't lie to others.

nowadays, i don't find myself having to lie very often. i also tend not to put myself in situations where i do have to lie. the biggest fibs i usually tell people now is when someone asks me to go out and i don't feel  like it and i use the "i have work/errands/stuff to do" excuse.  The older you get, the better you get at lying. It's because you learn that you should lie sparsely and, if you do, use it judiciously. Spur of the moment, panic lies are often the ones that get you in trouble. Meticulously thought out and judiciously used lies can usually pass undetected.

most importantly: you should never ever get caught. because, and bringing the argument full circle, nobody likes being lied to. and when they discover that you have lied to them, no matter how big or small, the trust between the 2 of you has been broken.

i recently, inadvertently, caught my friend in a lie. i'd point-blank asked him something that morning which he denied. later on that afternoon, i found out, through someone else, that my friend had lied to me. it wasn't something big that he'd lied about and it certainly doesn't significantly impact my life(ok, well that's debatable, but it doesn't affect me immediately), but it still bothers me. and to pinpoint it down to 1 thing: the act of lying to me is what bothers me. nothing else, just that action. the act itself speaks volumes more than what he lied about.

sometimes a seemingly innocuous act is what creates the small crack in the ice that can break the whole the pond. 

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