Monday, February 8


so i finally broke down and watched Jersey Shore this weekend. there was nothing else on TV while i was waiting for the Super Bowl to start. i initially purposely avoided watching Jersey Shore because of its stereotyping of people from NJ (of which i am one of them). and while yes, it's true, those types of people that are featured in Jersey Shore do exist in NJ, they also exist in Long Island, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, etc. so i don't think it's fair that the show's called Jersey Shore (although yes, that's where it's located).

i started to turn the corner when someone told me that only 1 person in the house was actually from NJ. everyone else was from NY. i thought, "ok, as long they made that clear and it's shown that these ppl are not actually representative of the NJ demographic, maybe i can watch this show." even tho i'd opened up a little to the idea, i still abstained based on principle. but then Poopy made me watch 2 video parodies about Jersey Shore.

i watched the above and "Little Jersey Shore" and my interest was completely piqued. so when the marathon was airing on MTV on Sunday i couldn't stop myself from looking at it like a giant wart on the face of someone you're talking to. i stumbled upon the marathon at the end of the episode where Snooki was punched in the face by some random guy. damn. i really wanted to see that. but no worries, i got to see Ronnie knock some guy out with just 1 punch. so it was all worth it.

speaking of mindless television, i've also become addicted to We Got Married, a korean "reality" show where celebrities are paired together and act as if they're husband and wife. i used to watch this show a lot back in the day when Alex & Shinae and Kim Hyung Joong & HwangBo were on it. but after they left it was a lot less interesting and then the budget was cut and it became less interesting. until Petite Couple! the wife, Ga-In, is 24 yrs old and the husband, JoKwon, is 22 years old. they are hilarious together which makes it fun to watch but also their behavior really keeps you guessing whether they really are/going to start dating.

below is a clip where Ga-In is going to meet her "father-in-law", JYP, who is JoKwon's boss. aside from the hilarity in the clip, i really really like her version of JYP's song, "I Have a Girl".

here's the original so you can hear the difference. while they're both similar (clearly), the way Ga-In executes it is so distinctive.

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