Tuesday, February 23


i have had zero interest in updating this blog recently.

and it's not for lack of stuff to write about. i had an amazing Satur-day and night out with Egg and recently went ice-skating and celebrated Chinese New Year, etc., etc., etc.

yet i just can't bring myself to write about it. i think it's just a case of the "blahs". work and family have been super-exhausting lately. but i'm not gonna whine, instead i'm gonna write about this little tidbit.

i was feeling snack-y after lunch so i decided to pop out of the office and get a snack from the deli around the corner. i picked up a bag of Sour Patch Kids, which i probably haven't had in at least 3 months. however, i noticed that i couldn't see the inside of the contents of the bag. usually, they have a little window so that you can see what's inside right? or am i wrong? i just remember always checking out the bag to see which one had the most reds in it.

even so, i decided to take the risk and purchase it, without knowing how many reds were inside. lo and behold, jackpot: it was an overabundance of red sour patch kids! YEA!

however, i am currently regretting ingesting this snack purchase because i ate it along with my other snack purchase: Funyuns. not a good combination.

p.s. i also just got this article from a friend and had to post it for any lawyers and law students...How to Date a Lawyer