Tuesday, October 27

who's the culprit?

someone in my house keeps pouring a dose cup of Robitussin in the morning and then not drinking it. every morning i wake up between 10 AM-11 AM and on the kitchen table are the signs of a rushed breakfast consisting of cereal bowls and crumbs, the remnants of Dad's sandwich-making-lunch for the kids, and a lone cup of Robitussin or Dyslam. this has been going on consistently for the past week.

and it's slowly driving me mad.

i finally broke down tonight when i was doing the dishes and wiping down the table and asked everyone if it was them but nobody admitted to it. everyone just kept blaming each other as the likely culprits.

so what could it be? is there a ghost who has a sore throat? or is it a subtle sign that somebody thinks I'M getting sick and should be taking medicine?

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nice post. thanks.