Friday, December 11

Followers vs. Leaders

every paper and news feed has been discussing either the global warming/climate change issue in Copenhagen or else it's Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. usually i just read these things and shrug in a "hmm, so now i know what's going on in the world" kind of way, but not today.

really?! as if we didn't know we've screwed over the earth completely? are we really that surprised? or did we just assume that 80 degree weather in September is just a natural phenomenon? and there's all this hoopla about how the meeting in Copenhagen is to create standards and limitations for countries to try and combat the damage we've already done. ppshhaww. i'll believe it when i see it. in the scope of things that occur in each individual country, the last thing on a nation's mind is the climate. and honestly, we're the ones that did this to the environment, so to make a big hoopla now seems a bit hypocritical. i'm sure this will all be forgotten once the talks in Copenhagen end.

more interesting is Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Award. seriously?! they've awarded an acting President, in the midst of war, who just determined to deploy more troops to Afghanistan, the Nobel Peace Prize? gimme a break. because of this decision the Committee that determined the award had to come out publicly and defend their decision for the 1st time in history (or so says the NY Times). during the awarding of the prize, it was said Obama is the realization of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream. perhaps that's true. but that doesn't qualify Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize. shouldn't the American ppl be receiving the Nobel Peace Prize then? they elected Obama into office, he didn't appoint himself. of course, i'm trivializing the effort and courage and perseverance the Obama camp had to have in order to get to where they are, and that's not fair. and maybe that does merit the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize. however, for some reason, it just doesn't sit right with me. i just can't accept that, based on Obama's current achievements, he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. i don't think so.

it's really unlike me to rant on about real-world issues. if you've noticed, i rant about idiotic personal things usually. i'm chocking it up to my shortened amount of patience and tolerance for idiocy that commuting to NYC from NJ for work has created in me.

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