Tuesday, October 27

if you've never seen a girl running in heels...

...and when i say running, i mean RUNNING.

have moved back home to the Jersey, living at home with the parents. i thought i'd be going mad, and i definitely did for a little bit, but now i've grown used to it and like it (for the most part). however, i haven't resigned myself to being at home forever. every time i go to the City, especially during the latter part of the summer, i remember all the great things about NYC. i miss the ease of the subway, the closeness of everything, being outdoors (instead of in a car-in Jersey you can't get anywhere without a car which essentially means you're outside in the fresh air for all of 2 mins it takes to travel from your house to your car and your car to your destination). i get calls from friends in the City telling me to meet them in an hour at some place in the City and i have to inform them it'll take me at least 2 hours to get there: 30-40 mins to get ready and then travel time via public transportation. it kind of dissipates any feeling of spontaneity and also makes going to the City feel like a chore vs. when i lived in Brooklyn and could just hop onto the subway or take a $15 cab ride.

i've been going on a few job interviews and had one in midtown east last week at 10 AM. i woke up at 7:15 AM to get ready and hopped on the 8:25 AM bus estimated to arrive at Port Authority by 9:35 AM. of course the bus was late and i didn't get into Port Authority until 9:45 AM. i had to sprint to the "S" which is the farthest train from the station and then took the 1st exit to Grand Central which is right outside the Hot and Crusty. there's a handicap ramp across from the Hot and Crusty that is the steepest and longest handicap ramp i've ever seen. i sprinted up that ramp like my life depended on it. in 3-inch heels. in a business dress. i'm sure i looked completely ridiculous but nobody seemed to bat an eyelash to the scene.

i was a few minutes late to the interview (i know, i know, not good). the whole thing took about 30 minutes and i was back on the street at 10:35 AM. i sprinted back to Port Authority to make the 11 AM bus back home and arrived back in front of my house by 12:00 PM.

if you think about it, i spent a total of 4 hours prep and travel time just to spend 30 minutes in the city. it took me all morning to spend 30 mins in the city.

these are the times i particularly miss living in NYC.

also as a side note, for the korean fangirl in me, Yoo JaeSuk and Infinity Challenge is in NYC as 10/26 and reportedly they'll be there for 10 days. just hang out around K-town i'm pretty sure that's where they'll be. ::sigh:: if i still lived in the City i would totes be a stalker right now. if only...

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