Sunday, November 16

call me Cho Chang

i'm not usually a Halloween person. i tend to like to go trick-or-treating with my little sis or other kids but other than that i'm not a big dress-up-for-Halloween kind of person. so it's surprising that i broke the mold this year, but i did. my intention was to construct a costume where i didn't have to purchase anything additional and wouldn't have to spend much time getting ready or preparing. and i succeeded in that. however, the final result was a little...mixed.
the only reason i dressed up at all was to attend the BLSPI talent show. i had a great time last year, and this year was no exception, altho the set-up this year felt a little sloppier than last year. regardless, there's always a few costumes that ppl come up with that i find truly ingenious. for instance, Egg was the guy from No Country For Old Men, and what's even more impressive is that he came up with the costume and idea only a few hours before he showed up at the event. yes, there was a Juno and Bleeker, which was cute but i didn't think it deserved to win. and when i showed up in the city, apparently it wasn't that novel of a costume idea either, because there were more than a few Junos and Bleekers. after drinking our fill of beers and wine, we headed over to the after-party at Mansion, which was held jointly with surrounding law schools. the turnout was actually really good, but then the downside was of course how packed it was because so many ppl showed up.
i could see why the planners picked Mansion as the venue, and it was adequately big, but i think i've outgrown places where i can't move around without almost getting into a fight with someone because it's so packed. if you know me, i'm not usually out to start a fight (plus i'd probably get my ass whooped), but i did almost get into 2 fights that night, both times with obnoxious girls. go figure. i promise i don't go out seeking confrontation but if you want to start it, i'm not gonna just run away, even if you could kick my ass.speaking of ass kicking, what the hell is going on with this brooklyn neighborhood. this is my 3rd year living here and i've never encountered any violence or shadiness but all of a sudden 2 ppl i go to school with got their asses kicked and mugged for no reason. granted, 1 of them was while he was out in the LES, but the other 1 was right on Boerum Place while the poor guy was walking home from the BLS library. that's completely unacceptable. and so sad. that poor boy. and apparently it took place around 10 pm on saturday night, which you would think, since he was less than 3 blocks away from our apartment building, he could get back and forth in relative safety. word is that it was a gang of little 16 yr old boys who stole his phone and wallet and maybe an iPod. wtf is going on? it just breaks my heart a little, particularly since he's Six's friend which makes it hit even closer to home.
in light of the above, i should consider myself very lucky for having gotten home safely after the party at Mansion around Halloween. the place was just too overwhelming and pricey ($40 for 2 mixed drinks) and DRC was too wasted and Cubed was too somber and i just wanted to leave. so i said my goodbyes and bounced out before i could be talked into staying, which is pretty stupid considering it was around 1:30 am and i was definitely not completely sober. how not sober was i? as i was walking towards the subway from Mansion, first i realized i walked in the wrong direction, which is always bad news in the Meatpacking District. then i turned back around, but couldn't find my iPod and believed i lost it so i was determined to go to the 24-hour iPod store in Columbus Circle to buy another one (i even called Egg for directions). i hopped into a cab only to find my iPod in my bag while in the cab so i promptly hopped out and found myself in Ktown where i bought some kimbap and soda and took the subway home. it was a weird mini-adventure to have. did i mention i was wearing my Halloween costume the whole time this was happening?
o yea, my costume. i had planned to just go as a catholic school girl since that only requires a plaid skirt, a tie, a sweater vest/cardigan, and mary janes and i happen to have all those things (sans the sweater vest). but when i showed up, ppl kept trying to guess what i was and every time it was something different: a kindergardener, a Harry Potter character, Cho Chang from Harry Potter, a Japanese school girl, etc. so every 10 minutes i kept changing what i was.

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don't you mean "cho cheng from hermione"???