Thursday, November 6

matchmaker matchmaker make me a match...

Paul Giamatti walked by me on Boerum Place. what was really weird was that i had just been watching his movie Shoot 'Em Up on HBO the night before. and he couldn't have looked any more different from the character he played. o well, it was still a little thrill to see him. i guess it's one of the perks of living in NY. i was pretty surprised at myself for not turning into a simpering, shrieking idiot which is what i always think will happen when i see a celebrity. and it never does. weird.

BLS had a fundraising event at Ceol on Smith Street right before the weather started getting cold. what was even better was that ILS had their Mentor-Mentee event in Geraldo's right before with free beer. so of course we were all in Geraldo's maximizing the free beer before we headed out to the bar. we even got into a game of Kings, which is my favorite drinking card game. i like it because, unlike Asshole, it doesn't require too much thinking, but unlike Up the River Down the River, it doesn't require no thinking either. plus it's interactive and gets people really into the game since just about every turn involves getting somebody else involved. we don't play Kings too much tho, because everyone gets so turned off at the thought of learning the rules. here's what i've interpreted to be the simple, no nonsense, rules. of course there's way more complicated ones, but i'd stick to these when you're dealing with ppl with short attention spans who don't look convinced:
2 is for You
3 is for Me
4 is for Whores (yes, it's un-PC but it's an easy rhyme to remember)
5 is Social
6 is for Dicks
7 Heaven
8 Thumbmaster
9 Bust-a-Rhyme
10 Categories
J Never Have I Ever
Q Questions
K Kings Cup
A Waterfall

ok, i think that's pretty much the general gist of how we played. after the game, we finally headed over to Ceol which was reedonkulously packed with BLS kids but that's to be expected. it was a pretty random night, and since i had class the next day, i left at a respectable hour.

but not before i introduced Seven to JAK. as soon as i'd walked into the bar and i saw Six, i was informed that Seven was very interested in JAK and was dying for the introduction. so before i left the bar that night, i made the introduction and then left those 2 little hipsters to their own devices.

to go along with this lovey-dovey theme, i thought i'd post this video. it's a korean song by Humming Urban Stereo called Hawaiian Couple. the song's already really cute and catchy and the video's just as adorable. this keeps popping up on my iPod and i just can't help but bop around with it.

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