Sunday, March 9

8 am nights

the recent trend seems to be for me to get home between the hours of 6:30 am-8 am. it's very crazy.
i think this all started the night of the Inter-APALSA mixer. the event was held at Aura and APALSA got hooked up by 1 of the 1L reps whose friend owns the bar. the place is ok, nothing special and it's friggin' expensive. all drinks are $10+. i gotta admit, i wasn't that psyched to go but, as an eboard member, felt i had to go and at least make an appearance. however, when i got there i got side-tracked from the ppl i'd arrived w/ b/c i was outside talking to Co-Chair. when i went in the place was packed but it turned out Aura was also hosting a Caribbean night so the bar was packed w/ppl who were definitely not APALSA. i walked all the way to the back of the bar looking for ppl i recognized but couldn't find anyone (it turned out the APALSA mixer was in the downstairs bar but i didn't find this out until later). however, i did realize 1 thing: whenever you're the ethnic minority girl at a bar, it's inevitable that someone will hit on you; it's guaranteed 1 person in the ethnic majority has a minority fetish. and i'm pretty sure this applies no matter where you go (lone white girl at an asian bar/lone asian girl at a white bar etc.). i did finally find my way downstairs and made the rounds and said "hi" and actually did start to enjoy myself, even w/Oni choking the crap out of me every time she hugged me and telling random strangers how much i "hate" the current guy she's dating (and just in case you didn't know, i don't hate him). there was this 1 interesting incident: Oni was talking this guy from Cardozo and we all started talking when all of a sudden another guy pops up behind me and starts dancing up on me (and this wasn't exactly a dancing kind of crowd). he introduces himself and it turns out he's the mentee of CardozoGuy which is ironic since i'm Oni's mentee. so Mentee and i start chatting, the whole time me thinking nothing about it except that we're obviously just talking b/c our mentors are talking. did i mention that i think he's gay? yea, i can't pinpoint any exact reason why, but that's the impression i have. so later, BLS APALSA members all go to Kunjip for food and we're all sitting there eating when in walks Mentee. he comes over to our table and says "hi" and then (obviously not noticing i'm at the table too) turns to Prez and goes:

"hey, where's _____?" (meaning me-i just realized i've never mentioned my name in this blog so i'm gonna stay w/that strain).

everyone at the table turned and looked at me and so i say "hi" and wave. after he leaves i turn to Prez and say:
"there's only 1 question i have to ask you" to which he promptly replies:

"no i don't think he's gay." he knew my question even before i asked it! but i still secretly believe that i was hit on by a gay guy.

we got back to brooklyn around 3 am and then i got a call from DRC so i headed over to Kili's to meet them, where they'd been for a birthday party. even tho i've never been there and wasn't there that long, the place looks chic and nice and the wood-burning smell from the fireplace makes it homey. there was a little CB action going on which caused a little tension for the 1st time in our little 3-some but ended up being the best outlet and we spent the rest of the night all 3 of us curled up in Coleslaw's bed eating tag-a-longs and revealing our most intimate/embarassing law school secrets until 6:30 am.

the following saturday i found myself at Glass for a birthday party being thrown by the Prince-of-Dubai boyfriend for his girlfriend. yes, that may be an exaggeration but i think it pretty much sums up the situation perfectly. although i haven't been a fan of Manhattan lounge scene for a while now, i gotta admit Glass was pretty fun. we danced like rock stars and it was all around good fun. of course, going w/DRC and Coleslaw prob made it that way too, b/c shenanigans always ensue when i'm out w/them. 1 of them had interesting drama w/a boy(space)friend and kept charging our drinks to his tab (which i did not mind at all) while the other played (unknowingly) public tonsil hockey w/a pre-teen (ok, not pre-teen but someone under 21). eventually Oni showed up w/Yuka's crew and they stayed for a bit before Yuka left due to jet lag (apparently she had just come back from Japan that day). as the night winded down i talked to Oppa and we coordinated to meet up. it turns out Oppa was having his own drama that night:

Oppa had gone to some house party and then there was some drama about going out to a club due to some shady guy and he eventually ended up at Maru around 3:15 am. before they'd ordered their bottle they'd been reassured by the owner that they would have ample time to finish the bottle. however, at 3:45 am they advised Oppa and his friends that they would have to leave at 4:00 am b/c that's when they closed and it turns out ShadyGuy, who knew the owner, had something to do w/it. so Oppa and ShadyGuy stepped outside and had a little tussle (tho nothing crazy). Oppa had called me and asked us to go and meet him at Maru to help them finish the bottle but at that point it was already 3:50 am and it would've taken us 15 mins just to get to ktown so we nixed the idea.instead we ended up at this amazing apartment located really close to ktown. the place has a sick view, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an impressive pool table. however, we weren't there long b/c there was a lot of drama going on so everyone headed their separate ways. i ended up back at Coleslaw's w/DRC once again eating tag-a-longs before getting back to my apartment around 8 am.

the most recent 6:30 am excursion was the BLSPI Auction night. BLSPI did a really good job w/the auction this year, getting some amazing donations to be bid on. they were also very smart about the amount of alcohol they purchased, which seemed to be an endless supply. and as the crowd got drunker, their bids became looser as well. smart BLSPI, very smart. Coleslaw and i ended winning the raffle for free watches which is awesome (Coleslaw has an adorable Kennethc Cole watch whereas i have a sort-of bling-y BCBG watch). Coleslaw also won the bid for the TIVO (a steal at $150 which also includes 7 mths of service). the after-party was held at Brazen Head where Pervert and DRC got into a racist argument (is being that serious necessary?) and Coleslaw was getting her mack on. the rest of the night was a continuation of shenanigans that resulted in someone kissing a preteen, ordering delivery at 4:00 am, 24-hr deli run, someone taking 1 for the team and someone else hooking up. and i just want to reiterate: i am an awesome wing woman.

however, eventually we're gonna have to put a stop to these 8 am nights b/c the next day's pretty shot where we all end up at Coleslaw's vegged out eating a pizza for the entire day.

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