Thursday, February 7


as i'd previously mentioned, i've been into subscription boxes lately. to date, the most satisfying box is POPSUGAR. their monthly must-have boxes, although slightly more expensive than others ($35/mth) have the most value per box. 

the February 2013 box was Valentine's Day themed (no surprise there). 

the reason i don't do subscription box reviews often is because i don't always use all the items in a box right away. they're more like nice little treats that i use when the occasion arises (but that might also be because a lot of the items tend to be make-up related, which, while fun, isn't something i use day-to-day). 

but that's where POPSUGAR differentiates itself. while yes, there are some cosmetic items, there's always a bunch of other items too e.g. small food/candy samples and non-food items. my favorite item from the February box was the Brokedown Spa Wrap (regularly $84). this was a full-sized (so to speak, i mean it's a short body wrap) item! and it was super soft and comfy. i've already worn it a few times after the shower or using it as a quick cover-up for short trips around the apartment.

the only other item i tried from the box was the MarieBelle Tresor Box (regularly $12). i mean, who can resist chocolate right? and these were really good, like little rice crispies/ crunch bars in small dot form. the only problem is that you never grab just one and always ending up dropping at least one dot on the journey from the box to your mouth. 

the other items, which i haven't tried but was still stoked about:

Hanky Panky's Rolled Signature Lace Thong (regularly $20): allegedly these are amazing.  i'm not a big fan of thongs tho, so if i do end up liking these then they really are amazing.

Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleanser (regularly $8): again, i don't really wear that much jewelry but that doesn't mean i don't own any. so this'll probably come in handy at some point.

Safe Haven ($10): i haven't bought a book in forever. so it was nice to get this. and now i have something (other than work) to read on the subway! and although i hate to admit it, i actually like Nicholas Sparks books (and movies).  also gotta give props to the movie promoters for really pushing the opening of this film.  Bloomspot was also doing some type of give-away related to the move premiere in NY.

the rest of the items included a lip balm/stain and candy hearts. pretty sure i won't partake of either of those items but will probably gift away to somebody else. 

i purchased the POPSUGAR box via a deal which gave me 30-40% off a 6-month subscription. the January and February boxes have both been pretty great, with values way over the $35 i (am supposed to have) spent. 

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