Saturday, February 16

My Little Muensters

every year i find myself at the Union Square Holiday Market. i just can't resist outdoor markets, and thanks to global warming, i can survive an outdoor market even in December.  

i'm not going to go too much into about the market. if you've been there, you know, and if you haven't, you're missing out. it's just a bunch of unique and interesting items that are worth going to look, even if you don't purchase.

i will mention 1 item though: LED light-up t-shirts. the concept was intriguing and cute, but even better was the vendor's set-up.  in a darkly lit (oxymoron there) booth, they blasted Gangnam Style and other fun dance tunes to best demonstrate the t-shirt's reactivity to sound. if the music didn't catch your attention, then the shirts did.

although i was supposed to meet Sully for dinner after the market, i was temporarily delayed when Egg and She decided to stop at the Wafels and Dinges stand for a delicious waffle. their choice of fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce as toppings was a little too sweet for me. when i later (weeks later, not later that night) introduced the wafel to Sully, i liked his topping combination of spekuloos and fresh strawberries better. 

after sufficiently satisfying myself with a few bites of wafel, i booked it over to meet Sully for dinner. for the life of me i can't remember the name of the place, except it was a japanese lounge that we went to because of a Groupon.  afterwards, Sully was still hungry, so we yelped for other food options nearby and found ourselves at Little Muenster. 

this adorable little shop was relatively empty when we passed by, and due to the cold weather, the idea of a warm and toasty grilled cheese and tomato soup sounded like a perfect after-dinner snack to fill our tummies. 

i admit that i've seen this vendor at many a street/food fair and have opted to stay away, mainly because, it's just grilled cheese. and no doubt it's delicious, but why would i pay $7+ for something i can make at home? i mean seriously.

but here we were, and with the $10 special of any sandwich + tomato soup, we found ourselves settling down to a tray of hot and creamy tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich containing chipotle chicken, jarlsberg, cotija, and cilantro crema.

both were freshly made (ok the soup might have already been pre-made, but you know what i mean). the soup was rich and creamy providing a touch of acid to the crispy cheese sandwich with a slight kick from the chicken.  as i ate it, it reminded me of how this combination, although simple, is a true classic and complement each other perfectly.

so, after tasting the food, i have to admit, given the right circumstances and the right temperature, i probably would pay more than $5 for their sandwich. as long as it was paired with the tomato soup as well.

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