Thursday, December 20


i rarely travel over to Park Slope, although i live in Brooklyn Heights and Kiddo is a Park Sloper.  however, Kiddo finally got me to go when an important event required that i attend a party at Kiddo's favorite local hangout, High Dive

although the event was sort of sad (it was a going-away party), the High Dive proved to be a great local bar! only a 10+ minute bus ride from my apartment. and the gratis popcorn they serve with various flavoring options is a bonus as well.

it was a sad occasion for Kiddo but he did it with style and grace, which made it a sweet memory for everyone since we all got to say our goodbyes in a celebratory fashion instead of a melancholy one.

as a bonus, i got to try out Pork Slope, which i never would have done if i hadn't ventured into the neighborhood. it's conveniently located right next to High Dive, which allows you to bring outside food into the bar.

well actually, i had been thinking about getting some Pork Slope, but before i had a chance to head over, one of Kiddo's friends arrived with the Porky Melt ($7) in hand. as i unabashedly stared and salivated at her sandwich, she politely asked if i wanted the other half since she wasn't that "hungry."  

any reasonable, civilized adult would have declined since this girl was clearly hungry (she had just been to the gym for an hour workout before she arrived to the party) and she had clearly only offered because i was so overtly staring at her food.

however, when it comes to yummy delicious porky food i've learned something about myself: i'm a savage who flouts the rules of civilized society. 

and so i ate the other half of her sandwich. 

and it was delicious. i mean, holy shit delicious.  yes, there was more bread than filling. and yes, it was a little tinier than i would have liked. but that delicious pork patty and melted cheese and caramelized onion was f*ing good.

of course, since i rudely eaten this poor girl's sandwich, and she was obviously still hungry, we headed back over to Pork Slope so i could return the favor.  i allowed her to pick anything she wanted off the menu, and perhaps being polite (had she not learned?! i clearly have no human decency when it comes to food), she ordered the Cheeseburger ($7) which was the only equally priced menu item.

the cheeseburger, while good, was nothing special, although the pickle was a nice touch. after we'd finished eating it, we both lamented how we should have purchased another Porky Melt instead of the ambivalent Cheeseburger. later someone brought back some tater tots which were completely consumed before i even got a chance to sneak a peek at them. rumor has it that they're pretty good too.

it was the best of times and it was the worst of times, but regardless, it was a "time" and it was a memory. 

and there's nothing more you can ask for in life than to make great memories with great people.

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