Tuesday, March 6

Thin Line

"We been friends for a long time, a very close friend of mine
Love you like you was mine, but respect a thin line
I love you like you was mine, think about you all the time
Very close friend of mine, but respect a thin line"

                                          -"Thin Line" by Jurassic 5 featuring Nelly Furtado

if you read my blog back in the day, you would see that i used to  spend a lot of time with Oppa. but ever since Oppa got a serious girlfriend, we see and talk to each other a lot less (which is the universal scenario, as i've come to understand it). so when we finally managed to arrange a date to meet and catch up, i was super excited. 

it's amazing how much Oppa's changed since the last time we had a real heart-to-heart.  for instance, Oppa's always been healthy-ish per se, but when i saw him this time, he looked healthier (aka skinnier but not emaciated) than i'd ever seen him before. maybe it was just because it'd been 6 months since the last time i'd seen him, or maybe it was psychological since we had a good 20 minute conversation about fasting and juice cleanses, but Oppa was looking good (and i was jealous).

another new development was Oppa's acute awareness regarding money. to clarify, i met Oppa during my Gohm dating days. and that period was categorized by a reckless abandonment in regards to spending. these boys were bottle service, table service, steak restaurants spending maniacs. so you can understand my surprise when i met with Oppa and he continuously raved about the happy hour deal of 50 cent buffalo wings and $1 specialty draft that Iron Monkey offers every night until 8 p.m. don't get me wrong, i appreciate a good happy hour deal as the next, but i don't think i could discuss how amazing it is for 20 mins. and the Oppa i used to know wouldn't have either.

these small quirks aside, i had a great time hanging out with Oppa and getting to know the newer, more mature, more my pace Oppa. no longer was he the going-out-every-night-drinking-his-face-off Oppa or the random-hookup-every-weekend-Oppa. now he's the i-like-to-spend-my-weekends-at-home Oppa and the i-love-my-girlfriend-sometimes-i-think-we'll-get-married Oppa. and either Oppa is fine by me.

 although, i don't think my old Oppa has completely disappeared. after our snacks and drinks at Iron Monkey, we headed up to Oppa's apartment for more drinks and chatting. and i wondered, "is it ok for me to be in his apartment by ourselves? after all, he does have a girlfriend." 

i would never usually have these thoughts since Oppa and i are completely platonic, but it was planted there after a conversation i had with Stitch last summer. she had asked me, "do you think MrsOppa is ok with you and Oppa being so close?" it was a slight misconception because Oppa and i aren't as close as we used to be, but all the same, i suddenly wasn't sure. MrsOppa and i aren't close at all, although i like her, so who  knows what she thinks about me? and the relationship Oppa and i have is premised a little bit on being able to talk about a whole slew of topics that may not be so appropriate (and may explain why we don't talk as much anymore since it's not really appropriate to discuss these matters when the girl in question is MrsOppa).

and finally, although Oppa 2.0 is clearly very happy and in a good place in his life, i think he sometimes misses the older Oppa version 1.0. part of the reason he remained single for so long is because he's always wondered "what else is out there?" and whenever Oppa and i have our alone time chats, i think it makes him a little more nostalgic for those times. and i'm not sure i should be encouraging those thoughts when he's clearly got such a great thing going on with MrsOppa.

so although Oppa wanted to rehash some of his former 1.0 glory days, i refused to do so on principle. ::pats myself on the back::

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