Thursday, February 2

Fine, I'm a Sucker

Yes, fine, i admit it: i totally want to see The Vow. let's just stamp a big fat "sucker" on my forehead, but it's true. i have become completely swayed by the commercials.
and, no, it's not because i'm a giant Channing Tatum fan. i think he's attractive, but he's no Jamie Bell or Joseph Gordon Levitt (yes, those are the men in my 5-and the traditional Ryan Gosling).  

now this might make you question my taste but i'm going to admit it anyway: this movie just looks adorkable. in a you're-totally-going-to-make-me-cry-but-then-give-me-a-happy-ending-and-resent-that-my-life-isn't-exactly-like-this kind of way. and i'm fine with that.
or maybe it's because The Vow is reminiscent of The Notebook. and i loved that movie.

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