Friday, January 20

it's actually chilly today

the weather this winter has been (for lack of a better word) "wonky."  while there have been a few chilly days here and there, it hasn't really felt like winter... until today. with the wind and the chill factor, today has really felt like winter/february-march weather.

of course, i could be feeling like this because i waited on line (yes, i'm from NJ; i say "on line" not "in line") for 2-that's right, 2- food trucks today. the whole process took about 30 mins, and that was 30 mins of being buffeted by strong cold winds.  when i got back to the office i promptly went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. this, in turn, required that i actually wash my coffee cup (in my attempt to be environmentally friendly). as i washed my cup in the sink, i noticed how bright red my hands were and then felt that familiar tingle in my fingers; you know, the one you get when you come in from having shoveled snow aka the pre-frostbite tingle. and welcome to winter. FINALLY.

so what would possess me to wait outside for 2 food trucks in this nippy weather? Korilla BBQ and The Real Good Truck, which both happened to be in the FiDi area today.  

i grabbed 2 Korilla rice bowls to bring home to the family in Jersey (1 pork, 1 bulgolgi). this is my 2nd time eating from the Korilla truck, and i always get rice bowls. now this could be a little blasphemous, but my Korilla experiences are always "meh."  maybe it's because i'm not a big bimbimbap fan. of all the items korean food has to offer, bimbimbap ranks low on my list compared to all the jigaes and bokkums and other exotic items. but don't get me wrong, Korilla is still good food. and for $8, the amount of food you get is reedonkulous. and that K'illa sauce is is a something i'd like to bottle up and take home for myself.  and while the food may be interesting because of the novelty of being from a truck, i will say the service is undoubtedly fun. they blare music while you wait in line, and it's pretty clear the people in the truck (there's always about 4-5 people in there. it's a veritable clown car because it just doesn't seem possible to fit that many people in food truck, yet they don't ever look "squished") are having a good time. and that just makes the process fun. 

not to mention there's always at least one guy who satisfies my desire for asian eye candy.

as for the Real Good Truck, which is relatively new, i was more intrigued by the novelty of their food offerings. waffles as a savory lunch? color my interest piqued. while there wasn't much of a line, there were still about 5-6 people just hovering outside the truck. when i approached, i found out that these people had already ordered and were simply waiting for their food. compared to the assembly line efficiency of Korilla (and the blustering winds), it was a little bit of a turn-off. but i forged ahead and gave my order: Waffle Dog with Jalapeno Cheddarwurst. interestingly, my order was complete within 5 minutes which was pretty satisfying. i had the choice of 4 toppings for my waffle dog: ketchup, honey mustard, relish...and i can't remember the fourth. i opted for ketchup and relish.

this was actually really good. the waffle isn't sweet like dessert but is a nice counterplay to the savory and flavorful jalapeno cheddarwurst. the relish and ketchup added an overall savory sweet taste to the whole shebang. and for $6 it wasn't horribly overpriced, although if i was starving i might have balked at the cost vs. size. but then again, we live in NYC so what isn't overpriced? while i'm not sure i will endure the blistering cold any time soon for it, it was definitely worth a try and worth the cost of satisfying my curiosity.

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