Monday, December 12

Subway Surfing

when i used to drive everyday for my commute to work in NJ, i'd always be super annoyed at the traffic, horrible drivers, and the brights that all cars seem to have installed by default.  now that i'm officially a New York-er, i find myself getting annoyed at bad subway riders and sidewalk walkers. you know what they say: the grass is always greener...

i am constantly amazed at the amount of people who don't have basic commuting etiquette tho. i mean, it's pretty common sense, no? everyone knows that in (at least in the United States) you drive on the right side of the road. and that the left lane is for passing. yet, somehow, these same principles never apply to walking. why not?

recently, i had the pleasure of getting onto a packed subway during morning rush hour. no i'm not gonna complain about how crowded it was. i'm not that much a whiny priss. i understand, it's rush hour. and, in a fortuitous miracle, the car i was in wasn't that packed. it wasn't spacious to the point i could lounge on the multitude of empty seats, but, for once, we weren't packed in like sardines in a can.

which made the man standing in front me as a fortressed barricade to my access to the subway pole very frustrating. if i was a giant, this wouldn't be a problem because i could easily grab one of the overhead bars. unfortunately for me, i am a typical 5' 2" asian girl which means i always have to grab one of the vertical side bars or else risk having my arm pulled out of its socket in my attempt to use the overhead bar. and there was, literally, no way to maneuver around this man. his square-ish, rectangular body shape made him the perfect impediment. seriously, if this man isn't a door bouncer somewhere, he missed his calling in life. 

so i spent the rest of my time subway surfing, which i did surprisingly well at, with only 1 minor wipe-out.

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