Tuesday, March 8

do all good things have to come at the expense of another?

does being in a serious relationship mean giving up your platonic relationships?

i know this is probably like asking "which came first, the chicken or the egg" and it will remain a mystery until the collapse of the universe, but it doesn't mean i don't wonder about it.

i'm extremely disappointed with Oppa right now, who just cancelled our dinner plans tonight. if it was once or twice, it wouldn't have bothered me, but it's pretty much all the time now. apparently, all his weekends are booked from here until eternity. and booked with stuff like weekend trips and activities which aren't subject to a sudden "plus one." so i'm really only left with weekday dinners, which are already not my favorite activity mainly because of my work hours and location in central jersey. but for those special ppl, i'm willing to go the extra mile because i know that keeping friends takes effort, particularly as our situations and circumstances change.

so i'm genuinely annoyed when i get a text from Oppa the morning of our dinner that says, "sorry, i forgot i have a work happy hour today."

i haven't seen you in over a month, probably more. think you can forego the-work-happy-hour-with-your-co-workers-that-you-see-everyday just this once? or, what about just making an appearance and then meeting me for dinner? apparently, neither of these thoughts occurred to you.

i know this post seems to be a rant about Oppa. however, it's more like this situation is indicative of a general trend amongst my more seriously-involved friends. and, while i am the "friend" in the situation, i've been the "relationship" too so i truly do understand both sides of the coin and have been just as guilty of the conduct i'm complaining of right now (my friends through the Gohm-period know what i mean).

which begs the question: why can't you keep your friends and have a serious significant other? what is it about these relationships that make them mutually exclusive as opposed to mutually inclusive?

it'd be easy to be really mad if Oppa was ditching his friends for a horrible significant other. but he's not. honestly, Oppa's (and everyone else that i'm including in this situation-i can think of 2 others off the top of my head-but using Oppa as a representative figure) significant other is great. they're pretty much on their way to the altar and mini-Oppas and i couldn't be happier for them. i'm so happy that he found someone as good as his S.O.

i just wish you wouldn't leave me behind in your wake.

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