Thursday, December 30

this must be what hell is like

OMG. my head is on fire.

ok, slight over-statement, but my office IS sweltering. and no, i'm not working in the tropics or the caribbean, or even florida for that matter. i'm where i've always been in Bridgewater, NJ.

outside my office window i can see 2 and a half feet of snow.

from inside my office window, i am breaking into a feminine mist.

i could do the sensible thing and shut my blinds or open my office door. however, i hate working in a room that is only lit by artificial light. it makes me feel like i'm actually stuck in a dungeon. or like the interrogation scene in The Matrix. also, if my office door is open i can't do activities such as the one i'm engaged in at this moment. so, i guess i'll just endure the heat, although if i start to get sleepy because of it then i'll have to succumb to one of the above options (most likely the door).

this heat is making my current task of transfering a retail consumption liquor license INFINITESIMALLY difficult (i almost spelled that word correctly on the first try. almost.)

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