Thursday, December 2

these are a few of my frivolous things (la la la)

maybe it's the asian in me, but, i admit it: i have an addiction to frivolous things. wait, let me clarify, i have an addiction to frivolous, cute things.

case in point: i am seriously contemplating buying the new Lardee Milk Toof merchandise.

look how cute this notebook is!

and it comes with these prints!

it would only cost me $24.50 including shipping... but no, it's the holiday season and i must exercise self-restraint. i can't really justify buying stuff for myself when i haven't even finished christmas shopping for the fam and friends. but oooo, i want it. if it's still available after christmas, i am on it. debt be damned.

asians are the lords & masters of cutesy, frivolous items that stir an illogical desire within me to pay more-than-it's-worth amounts in order to posses them. so you can imagine the chaos that ensued when my cousins and i went to Mitsuwa.

if you don't agree with me, you must at least agree that asians are the lords & masters of making the cutest stuff. if you don't believe me, just check out the following video from Google Japan.

ok, the last video wasn't by Google Japan. but it's still pretty cute. and fine, that cat is probably not asian. but you never know, it could be part Siamese.

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