Monday, August 9

JGL loooooooove

i am so in love with JGL. i mean, seriously.

it might be getting to the point where JGL might want to watch out for himself.
i would have to say it all started to manifest itself with (500) Days of Summer. he was just so endearing and adorable in that movie (which i subsequently purchased on DVD. it wasn't even a choice. it was a necessity). the way his character mooned over Zooey Deschanel/Summer and the subsequent downward spiral of the relationship was superbly realistic. his skinny boy look coupled with his deep deep voice started to make him very attractive to me. the 2 features seem somehow disjointed, as if they don't belong together, but JGL had a way of delivering his lines so that his baritone voice would occassionally break/crack at just-the-right-moment and would make me empathize with/sympathize for his character, as well as have an unsupressable desire to want to scoop him up and throw him on my bed-to comfort him, of course.
then Inception came out.
OMG. talk about using that sexy baritone and, sometimes, deadpan voice to full effect. oh, and those three-piece suits? ::melting:: good job wardrobe stylist on Inception!
the movie itself was already stellar. interesting idea coupled with great effectuation of said idea. i saw a making-of featurette on HBO and was also impressed that Christopher Nolan likes special effects to be as non-CGI as possible. so for instance, the scene between Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page in the streets of Paris with fruit stands blowing up all around them? real. they used pressurized cannons to have the fruit in the fruit stands blow up the way they did. similarly, the amazing fight scene with JGL fighting in room that's making 360 degree turns? wire work. mmm, how i do love that scene. JGL fighting in a three-piece suit looking all sexy. that and him kissing Ellen Page scene. that lucky biatch.
speaking of lucky biatches, it looks like Devon Aoki and JGL are currently an item. even if i wanted to hate on her, i really can't because she's pretty f-ing gorgeous. ::mumble, mumble, stupid Benihana heir, mumble, mumble:: on the bright side, at least this means i could possibly have a chance with the JGL because he might be fond of the asian persuasion...

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