Tuesday, July 6

i blame Chef Boyardee

i blame him for why i have to awake at 5:30 a.m. to go to the gym and have someone abuse me and my thighs, abs, calves, and arms.

no, i haven't been stocking up on cans of those shamefully delicious meals.

i recently joined the gym because i couldn't handle my big fat ass anymore. especially since i am around my skinny-minnie, smaller-than-a-barbie-doll little sister. what's worse is that she's secretly a Hungry Hungry Hippo! she just eats and eats and eats and eats and eats... well, you get my point. yet she's just barely hitting 100 lbs. curse you H-Cubed!

even tho i've joined a gym and do want to take this get-healthy (PC speak for get skinny) thing seriously, it doesn't mean i've just instantly stopped craving food. and what's worse is that i constantly crave bad food e.g. meals by Mr. Chef Boyardee (or is it just Mr. Boyardee since Chef is his title, like Doctor or Esquire?). since i was a latch-key kid (save your sympathy. i want it not) i ended up eating a lot of Kid Cuisines, Chef Boyardee, and instant ramen. in hindsight, not a great food diet, and i've really developed a pretty bad eating habit. it didn't really start taking a visible physical toll until college (college=bad food and laziness all rolled into one).

however, since i don't like to take any responsibility for what happens to me, i need a blame scapegoat. so, curse you Chef Boyardee! and stop tempting with the 10 cans for $10 deal at my supermarket! you bastard!


solo said...

u mind pick up like... 20 cans for me?

tma said...

hahaha. no, it's too tempting. i'll end up eating 1-5 of them which is unacceptable.