Monday, January 4


Congrats on making it to 2010! [i got tired of reading happy new year on every blog and website i've gone to in the past 4 days].j
so since my computer crapped out, i only just got it back recently. since then i've been slowly rebuilding my computer by finding all my personal websites and preferences again. but i'm not gonna make the same mistake twice. i've added programs to make it better (or supposedly better) and to do this i've made Lifehacker my go-to bible at the moment. they just recently did a 2009 round-up and so i've come away with a list of programs i've deemed completely necessary (unless they end up causing problems on my comp):
1. CCleaner: completely cleans out your unused files to make your comp faster and removes any lingering viruses you've removed through anti-malware and virus programs.
2.Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: it cleans out malware aka ad-ware, spyware, trojans, etc. i picked this one in particular because it can remove Internet Security 2009 and 2010 which is one of the viruses my comp picked up when it crashed.
3.KLite Codec: i had this program before my comp crashed and i use it to watch certain videos that for some reason Windows Media Player doesn't recognize.
4. HJSplit: i also had this program on my old comp. i only use it to join video files.
5. AVI Trimmer: this one's a new program. i'd been looking for a simple, free, video editor and stumbled upon this one. it allows me to cut and edit videos to the content that i want without including any of the commercials or boring segments. it only edits AVI files.
6. iPodME: this converts my editted videos into mp4 so i can upload them onto my iPod. i chose this program over Videora because it's an independent program and doesn't need to download a whole bunch of dlls and crap onto my computer (which i'm clearly hesitant about now). the only drawback is that it's SUPER SLOW in converting. however, the quality is pretty good.

while cruising Lifehacker for all these fun things, i stumbled upon a to-do website they recommended. Joe's Goals allows you to create a chart on-line that you can use to monitor your daily activities and whether you have or haven't attained your goals.

in theory this should work VERY well and it's fun to click on the boxed. i signed up for it today. about half-way through using it i realized 1 important question: do i really care what the chart says?


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solo said...

i always install klite. gotta have my codecs.