Sunday, June 14


so after being MIA for this long, i come back and immediately post MVs instead of doing anything fun?? yea, that's right. that's what i'm doing.

yea, lots of stuff has happened:
i've graduated from law school (who would've thunk it?)
celebrated a birthday
Coleslaw has left NYC (forever? sniffle, sniffle, i hope not)
AMW and i are kaput
Oppa celebrated a birthday and got a girlfriend (another who would've thunk it moment)
and so much more...

and maybe i'll tell you all about it. but right now i'm spending all my time studying for the dreaded bar exam. which means i spend 3-4 hours every day in Bar/Bri and then spend another 6 hours doing the other prep work assigned by the course. i literally only left my apartment twice today and each time was only about 10 mins. it's so miserable.

which means, in the small amount of down time, i don't want to think. i spend my time watching tv or surfing the net, and a lot of time while transcribing notes, listening to music. and these 2 MVs were amongst my internet browsing. i'm a big fan of the group which is 1 girl and 2 guys. and the MVs are like little movies, which fits perfectly into my allotted downtime. it's like watching 2 movies in the span of 10 mins.


Vicki Loo said...

i wish you were still in BK. It's weird to go when you're not there

Anonymous said...

I hope that the bar exam went well and that you have it behind you forever.

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