Tuesday, March 3

oh... my stomach

i realized the full nod towards the hallyu trend when i saw the Real California Milk commercial featuring a korean cow (which i also found hilarious). i happened to see the commercial not long before i saw the episode of Flight of the Conchords where they also sang old school korean karaoke. so, see? it's not weird how into korean culture i am. it's the trend. jump on the train already.

i was fatally wounded a few weeks ago when i made the mistake of drinking a magnum-sized bottle of pinot grigio w/AMW. the night started out pretty calm. both of us have been trying to watch what we eat so we decided to get together and make a dinner of steamed veggies. at the same time, AMW had gotten a magnum bottle of white wine and we decided to drink some of it w/dinner. no biggie, right? o how wrong i was.

i have this bad compulsion where once a bottle of wine is opened, i feel the necessity to finish it otherwise i feel like i'm being wasteful. so before i knew it, i had pretty much drank about 80%-85% of the bottle on my own while AMW had only drank a more reasonable amount. suffice it to say i was definitely wasted. i woke up the next day with the most intense functioning hangover i'd ever had. i managed to make it to class (thank god. don't ask me how. it was brutal) but that was about it. i went home and retired to try and fix myself up, but took myself out of retirement to attend Coleslaw's Mardi Gras event since it's a fundraiser for SHN and Coleslaw's such a best bud.

the event was a huge success and super fun, but i spent the night suffering from the worst stomach cramps known to man. whenever i walked around i looked like an old man, hunched over with one hand propped on my side. even laughing was painful. my theory is that the sugars in white wine wreaked havoc on my tummy. never again.

someone sitting 2 seats next to me just yelled at me to type softer. i don't know why but the keys on my laptop are very loud. i'm a little irritated that she had the audacity to say that to me, but since it's not the 1st time someone's said it to me (albeit those ppl were usually my friends). so now i'm typing slower and tensing my fingers up to try and hit the keys with as little force as possible. however, the space bar, enter key, and the delete key can't be helped...

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