Wednesday, May 22

eye rolls

i work for a law firm downtown. not a large firm but not a small firm either. lots of people like to qualify my firm as "mid-size," which really covers quite a large spectrum.

my firm's relatively young and most of the individuals i work with are close to my age, which makes for a relatively collegiate work environment. but a young firm, while great for happy hours and discourse, can also be a reminder of how douche-y my generation can be.

our offices have thin walls, so i tend to hear my neighbor's conversations. and, good or bad, my neighbor tends to take care of a lot of personal business in his office. i often hear him making/confirming dinner reservations, chatting with friends or family, and other daily activities. 

at this very moment, he and another of my co-workers are "shooting the shit" in his office. the 2 "bros" are rehashing their weekend and whatnot. i can't help but overhear some of their conversation and the sheer amount of eye-rolling i'm doing would probably freak somebody out if they happened to peek into my office because they'd probably think my eyes consist only of the white parts.

here's the general topic of conversation:

1. their weekend
2. the trendy/hipster restaurants they ate at this weekend
3. the food at these restaurants
4. restaurants they want to eat at
5. how to get reservations at these restaurants
6. how they got the hookup/know somebody at certain restaurants
7. the recent Mad Men episode
8. how amazing Mad Men is
9. how it's "kind of like our lives"
10. how they worship those guys on Mad Men

it's not just the topics that they're talking about (although how can anyone talk this long about all of that to another person?) but also the tone that they're talking in. it's so smarmy and pretentious. i feel like i'm listening to frat boys who think they've got class (hmm, too harsh?). at this point my eyes started hurting so i decided to write this post instead of inflicting potentially serious physical harm on my body from eye-rolls.

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