Thursday, April 18

Me and Bridget Jones

it's a little unsettling, but me and Bridget Jones seem fated whenever i go through a break-up. 

during my last 2 recent break-ups, Bridget Jones's Diary and Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason were airing on television. it's kind of weird. 

this time, as i was going through my post-break up period and wallowing in my bedroom while watching television, i couldn't understand why i was having such a sense of deja vu. was it because i was dealing with a break-up, which is always a sad, familiarly empty feeling? no that wasn't it.

and then it struck me. it was because i was watching Bridget Jones's Diary right after a break-up. which is exactly what happened after my previous break-up. which is a little uncanny, because both times, the movie just happened to be airing on tv. it's not like i intentionally sought out the movie or was watching it on DVD.

i don't know what karma or life is trying to tell me. it is that i'll end up an old spinster like Bridget Jones would be in the real world and not in the make-believe movie/novel world? or that i should hold onto unrealistic idealistic fantasies that there may even be a Mark Darcy out there for me?

because truth be told, post-break up, no one would have the heart to believe the latter.

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